“Shouldn’t finding a plumbing, home repair or lawn care service be easier?"

We work constantly to ensure that our customers are receiving the best services at the best prices.


How to grow your business with iLafe:

iLafe is the stepping stone to getting your business to bigger and better opportunities. We are a platform that allows you to advertise, communicate, manage and schedule clients all in one place. How you decide to utilize our plethora of tools is up to you and the needs of your business. Here are three easy ways to grow your business with iLafe:

  • Communicate Quickly
  • Once you receive a service request, communicate quickly with your customer. Let them know if you need to reschedule, if the pricing will be higher or lower than the average range or if you’re running late. Our platform and app offer tools to do a lot of the work for you (if enabled), but it can only further help when you show initiative by communicating with your clients as well.
  • The Right Price
  • At iLafe, we believe in fair pricing. You’re more likely to build stronger client retention if your clients believe in your pricing and work.
  • Show Up
  • This one is a no-brainer but we’ve included it anyway. Show up, on-time and do the job that was requested. It’ll go a long way!

Our Product

At iLafe, you can find the right person, schedule the right time and pay the right price.