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Questions about the app or how to create an account?
Check our list of FAQ’s below for the answer!

Q1. What is iLafe?iLafe is the only platform you’ll need to search, schedule and communicate with service providers. Need lawn care? Create a service request within the app or on the website and directly hire Joe’s Lawn Care, Davidson Family Lawn or choose from a plethora of other providers near you!
Q2. Why use iLafe?We take the guess work out of pricing, scheduling and ETAs. Everything happens within our platform and you won’t have to spend hours searching for the information you need. We keep our list of providers up-to-date with professional, on-time and reasonably priced services.
Q3. Do I have to create an account to hire a service provider?Yes, in order to communicate with our service providers or request services, you must have an iLafe account. Please see question 4 to learn more about how to get started with iLafe.
Q4. How do I create an account?

  • Step 1.Go to Sign-Up (top right corner).
  • Step 2.Fill in your basic information.
  • Step 3.Click Sign Up and follow the instructions.
  • Step 4. Click “register”
Congratulations,once you have completed the above steps, you have successfully created your iLafe account! Still need help? Email: support@ilafe.com

Q5. How do I download the app?

  • Step 1.Visit the Apple App or Google Play store and search for iLafe.
  • Step 2.Once the app has downloaded, you may log in with an existing account or register a new account.
  • Step 3.Once the app has downloaded, you may log in with an existing account or register a new account.

Q6. How do I make a complaint about a service provider?We’re sorry that you had to search for this answer. Please email us at support@ilafe.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Q7. How do I delete my account?We’re sorry to see you go. Please email us at support@ilafe.com and we will deactivate your account. We kindly ask that you include any information on how we might be able to remedy your experience or make the iLafe platform better for users.

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