Privacy Policy

As the users’ privacy is very important to iLafe, it has established this privacy policy to explain to all users how their information or data is collected, stored, retained, and protected. This privacy policy is posted on the Site and will be updated from time to time by the iLafe team. As a user, you can always review an up to date version of this policy. As a user, you understand, acknowledge, and agree to all terms and conditions of this privacy policy and will be aware of any future changes to this policy at any time.

Protecting information

iLafe collects some personal information at different places of the Site or Service such as name, mailing address, phone number, email address, home country, state, zip code, photo, or other information to identify the user or some case to contact for any specific reasons.

For protecting every user, iLafe:

  • does not share any personal identification information to others or sell to third parties for solicitation or marketing purposes.
  • is not involved in running pop-ups, banners, or any other ads, or referral of links or cites information or any other sites or unsolicited marketing.
  • has email anonymization and does not forward or relay emails in order to protect user identity and personal information and to reduce spam. But, users can choose to disclose personal information such as email address or phone number in the listing publicly.
  • will keep all account information password-protected and advises to keep the password safe and protected.
  • will store some cookie and browser information for repeating users to remember location or some address, preferences, web tracking information for internal site analytics and site development.
  • will not, with knowledge, collect any personal information or ad posting under the age of 13. It also immediately takes action to remove any listing by a person under 13 after learning that information.
  • Will not be liable or involved in third party content. When posting at iLafe, the user may add third party links including, text, photos, audio, video, or any other content, which may have their own privacy policies, which iLafe does not have any control and are not responsible for anything. Each user is advised to read their terms, privacy policies, or any other conditions before visiting those links or sites each and every time.

  • User registration

    User registration is not required for viewing some ad listings or using iLafe Site, Service, or Content, but it may be required for some specific services. When posting, a service provider post, iLafe collects user personal email address and phone number to keep track of ad posting, but the user has a choice of not publishing that data during ad display. Among this personal information, only email address and phone number are used for contact or message forwarding or relay of user response to any ad, or communication between iLafe and user for service provider control, like activation, modification, or deletion and will not disclose to any third-party.

    Information collection

    1. Personal information such as email address or phone number for sending registration confirmation emails, as listing communication (like activation, modification, or deletion), user authentication, email relay, user comments, etc. The phone number may be used for sending text messages, which may incur some bills from the corresponding carriers, which the users are responsible for, and in no way is iLafe responsible for any such bills or any issues
    2. Registration information collects personal information including name, address, phone number, email address, picture for authentication of all valid users and to store the data for repetitive posting from the same account, to make comments of other postings, etc.
    3. Listing content, as the user posts or submits their listing and iLafe does not control any posting or submission as far as not violating any laws or terms.
    4. Once communication is established between you and a third-party, iLafe does not control any personal communication and is not responsible or liable for such communication.
    5. iLafe stores started web statistics including IP address, region, timestamps, page URL, number of hits or serves of a page for diagnostics problems, improve and overall administer iLafe site and services.
    6. iLafe collects some financial information such as credit cards to make payments for some subscription services through third-party payment systems. It does not reuse, share, or provide those users’ information for any unauthorized purposes.

    Location Tracking

    iLafe customers can send requests for the provider’s real-time location to find out an estimated time of arrival to the service location. It is defined as prominent disclosure to the providers. Service providers will have the provision to either accept the location sharing request or decline it. iLafe does not save any of these locations nor uses them for any ad boasting purposes. It rather serves to communicate between the service providers and customers as a core feature of the app.

    Data storage

    1. All ad listings and comments are stored in our database and servers and may be archived after the time of deleting as per Terms or user deletion.
    2. Registration information
    3. All web statistics
    4. Although iLafe makes good faith efforts to store any information in a secure server and environment, which are not available to the public, iLafe cannot guarantee complete security.

    Data Deletion

    iLafe complies with users’ right to delete their accounts. Once a customer deletes their account, iLafe makes their account inaccessible and will not be visible from any other associated with that account. iLafe data deletion policy goes into effect and permanently deletes all data of that customer. If a provider wants to delete their account, the service profile automatically goes to an inactive state and is no longer accessible to customers.

    Information disclosure

    iLafe may disclose or release information about its users if is it required by law to do so or in the good faith belief that iLafe needs to respond with such disclosure for the legal process, court orders or law enforcement, or others or to enforce Terms and conditions or to protect rights and safety of iLafe, its affiliated persons, its users or anybody.

    International users

    iLafe is a web-based site, service, and content provider located in the United States (US). If you are visiting the website or using service or content from outside the US, you understand, acknowledge, and agree that iLafe may collect data and information and store it in their database and server. You also agree to follow all local, state, and international laws, rules, and guidelines and waiving your rights or giving explicit content to iLafe to store your data in the iLafe database server in the US.

    Collection of information from minors

    The Service is intended for a general audience and it is not intended for children under the age of 13. Use of the Service is prohibited for anyone under the age of 13. If you are between 13 and 18 years of age, you must secure authorization from your parent or legal guardian before using the Service. Although the Service may contain information that may be of interest to children, the Service is not directed at children and we do not knowingly collect or solicit personal information from children under the age of 13.

    Further Concerns

    If you have any further questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, or feedback about the Terms or Privacy policy, please send us an email through the contact us page.