We’re here for you. We want you to attract and keep your clients. Keep scrolling for tips & tricks on branding your business!

First stop Logo

Create a fun, engaging, and meaningful logo for your business. One that captures the attention of clients and keeps your business recognizable through the years.
Don’t feel like you have the creative skills to design your own? Use the iLafe app as a customer and hire a graphic designer to work with you! (Bonus tip: Keep note of what you liked about your service provider’s logo, profile, and communication and what you didn’t. This will help you understand what customers are looking for!)


What are the values of your business? When someone says “iLafe” we want people to think helpful, easy, fast. Write down what key messages you want to stick in your customer’s heads. Make sure all of your employees know what your brand messaging is.

Now incorporate your messaging

Incorporate it everywhere! How you sign your emails, answer phone calls, interact with customers, what your employees wear. Everything you do should point back to the messaging of your brand.
Think about it this way, if you walked into a sports store and all of the employees were wearing suits, would you trust their advice? What about if they wore athletic gear? How you present your business matters. So, once you narrow in on your brand’s messaging stick to it!

Find your voice

Now that you have a logo and messaging it’s time to find your voice. This references all written communication of your business. Emails, website, pamphlets, your iLafe profile, anything that a customer can read. Is your business fun and laid back? Then feel free to use puns, slang, and casual wording. Is your business more professional and formal? Then stray away from the jokes and stick to more formal writing and professional emails.
Remember, once your business’ messaging and voice are developed stick to it!

Taglines and templates

A tagline is one, simple sentence that sums up your entire brand and business. You want this to be memorable and recognizable by customers. Think Nike’s ‘Just do it’ or McDonald’s ‘I’m lovin’ it.’
Now that you have a logo, messaging, a voice, and a tagline you’re ready to develop templates for your brand. These templates should contain your business’s colors, logos, and overall feel. Remember how we talked about professional versus laid back messaging? Your templates should do the same thing. These templates set the standard for emails, pamphlets, website design, etc. Anything that your business needs to create should follow the rules laid out by your templates.

Consistency is key

Stick with it! Now that you’ve developed everything your business needs for branding, stick with it! You want to create a business that is recognizable by customers and the only way to accomplish this is if you stay true to the brand you’ve created.