Meet iLafe

At iLafe, we believe you should spend your time doing the stuff that matters. This is why we took the guessing out of scheduling, confirming, and ‘getting the job done’ with one simple solution. iLafe is the ‘one-stop-shop’ for all of your needs—lawn care, plumbing, housekeeping, painting, fishing guides, photography, music lessons, and more. So, get back to living and leave the lawn mowing, house painting, and repairing pipes to the professionals!

about us

About Us

Our company began with a simple idea, shouldn’t finding a plumber, house repair service, or lawn care be easier? We were frustrated with spending hours searching for the right person, scheduling a time, and overpaying all for the plumber to not show up on time, reschedule, or fix the wrong pipe. We created iLafe with solutions to all of these problems in mind. At iLafe, you can find the right person, schedule a time, and pay the right price all in one app AND faster than ever before. Our iLafe team is a group of talented developers, software engineers, and marketing experts that work constantly to ensure that our customers are receiving the best services at the right prices.

Our Vision

iLafe serves to be the connecting site for service providers and customers. We created one simple application for job listing, requesting, communication, and more to keep service providers up to date on new job opportunities and customers living life without the hassle of spending hours searching for the right service provider.

our vision

our purpose

Our Purpose

iLafe exists to enhance everyday life by streamlining the process of finding a service provider and securing customers. We believe in the power of authentic action to build capable applications that challenge the conventional search for services by establishing connections between customers and providers with fast and smart delivery of available job listings—all to help our community win. We live in the 21st century, let’s act like it.